Musée de l'ordre de la Libération

The missions of the order: fuelling the nation with exemplary lives

The Law of 13 July 2018 relating to military planning propelled the Order of Liberation into the future by conferring on it a new global mission (while retaining its traditional missions): to develop the spirit of defence through the commitment of the Companions of the Liberation.

  • To perpetuate the values of the Order of Liberation and keep its memory alive:

Desire of the Companions and the authorities of our country, the Order of Liberation must endure by becoming like a compass for citizenship, particularly in young people. As a nation is fuelled by exemplary lives, the commitment and individual journeys of the Companions and French Resistance Medal recipients need to continue to inspire our fellow citizens in order to develop and strengthen the required spirit of defence that should drive the nation.

The recently renovated museum pursues a dynamic cultural policy, backed by an international scientific advisory board. The artefacts and documents that make up the museum's collections were mostly donated by the Companions themselves or by their families. They testify to the commitment and ordeals experienced.

  • To organise the ceremonies commemorating the Appeal of 18 June at Mont-Valérien and the death of General de Gaulle on 9 November in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, in liaison with the official authorities.
  • To contribute to the moral and material support given to the Companions of the Liberation, French Resistance Medal recipients and their families.
  • To handle the administration of the French Resistance Medal: to improve knowledge about the population of medal recipients, particularly through a recently established archives commission with a view to promoting the commitments that contributed to the liberation of France and are a source of inspiration for everyone.
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