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Edict No. 7: creation of the Order of the Liberation

In the name of the French People and the French Empire,

I, General De Gaulle,

Leader of the Free French,

Having seen our Edict No. 1, dated 27 October 1940, organizing the public authorities during the war and establishing the Defense Council of the Empire.

Having see our Edict No. 5, dated 12 November 1940, specifying the conditions under which decisions will be made by the Leader of the Free French;

Order the following:

Art. 1 – The creation of an Order called the "Order of the Liberation" whose members will carry the title of "Companions of the Liberation"

The purpose of this Order is to reward the individuals and the civilian or military groups that perform outstanding acts in the effort to liberate France and its Empire.

Art. 2 – The one and only insignia of this Order is the Cross of the Liberation.

Art. 3 - Admission to the Order of the Liberation may only be pronounced by the Leader of the Free French.

Art. 4 – The methods of application for this Edict shall be established by decree.

Art. 5 – This Edict shall be announced in the Official Bulletin of Free France and, temporarily, in the Official Bulletin of French Equatorial Africa.

Brazzaville, 16 November 1940.