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Welcome to the Order of the Liberation Website

The museum of the Order of the Liberation
will be closed for renovation
until June 18, 2015

The Order of the Liberation is France's second national Order after the Legion of Honor, and was instituted by General De Gaulle, Leader of the "Français Libres" - the Free French movement - with Edict No. 7, signed in Brazzaville on November 16th, 1940.

Admission to the Order is meant to "reward individuals, military and civil organizations for outstanding service in the effort to procure the liberation of France and the French Empire".

The Grand Master of the Order
The Order of the Liberation has only had only one Grand Master: General De Gaulle. He never neglected to prove his attachment to the Order he had created. Later on, as President of the Republic.
Edict No. 7:
Creation of the Order of the Liberation
Text of Edict No. 7, which created the Order of the Liberation, as it appeared in Number 2 of the Official Bulletin of Free France, on 20 January 1941, page 7.